48th International Congress on Medieval Studies

Meetings and Sessions of the IMSSS at Kalamazoo
When May 09, 2013 07:00 AM to
May 12, 2013 01:00 PM
Where Kalamazoo, MI
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Saturday, 11 May, 12:00 p.m. Bernhard Faculty Lounge

International Medieval Sermon Studies Society Business Meeting


Session 359, Valley II Garneau Lounge, Saturday 11 May, 10:00 a.m.

Medieval Sermon Studies I: Late Medieval Reformist Preaching

Sponsor: International Medieval Sermon Studies Society 

Organizer:  Sean Otto, Wycliffe College, Univ. of Toronto

Presider: Holly Johnson, Mississippi State Univ.


The Reform Program of John Wyclif’s Latin Sermons

Sean Otto

Making Mary a Model: Teaching about Mary in the English Wycliffite Sermons

Jennifer Illig, Fordham Univ.

From Academic Treatise to Popular Sermon: Shifts in Emphasis Concerning the Penitential Cycle between the Writing and the Preaching of Jan Hus

Reid S. Weber, Univ. of Florida




Session 437,  Schneider 1160, Saturday 11 May, 1:30 p.m.

Medieval Sermon Studies II: Holy Identities in Medieval Sermons

Sponsor: International Medieval Sermon Studies Society 

Organizer: Ronald J. Stansbury, Roberts Wesleyan College 

Presider: Anne T. Thayer, Lancaster Theological Seminary

The Corner of Europe and the Fabric of the World: Pius II’s Bull and Sermon for the Canonization of Catherine of Siena

John Zaleski, Harvard Univ.


Anthony al-Qurayshi: From Text to Sermon in Early Arabic Christianity

David H. Vila, John Brown Univ.


Wisdom Has Sent Out Her Servant Girls: Saint Catherine of Vadstena and the Birgittine Concept of Female Strength in Late Medieval Scandinavia

Louise Berglund, Örebro Univ.



Session 493, Schneider 1160, Saturday 11 May, 3:30 p.m.

Medieval Sermon Studies III: Preaching Tools: Liturgy, Poem, Handbook


Sponsor: International Medieval Sermon Studies Society 

Organizer: Ronald J. Stansbury, Roberts Wesleyan College 

Presider: Ronald J. Stansbury

The Pricke of Conscience as Speculative Sermon: The Southern Recension of Huntington Manuscript 128

Jean E. Jost, Bradley Univ.

The Resurrection of Christ in Late Medieval Franciscan Easter Sermons

Steven J. McMichael, OFM Conv., Univ. of St. Thomas, St. Paul

Francis of Meyronnes and Houghton Library’s MS Lat. 276: The Mendicant Preacher’s Confessional Handbook

Katherine Wrisley Shelby, Boston College

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