Photos from Salamanca

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Photos from Salamanca


We have posted a slideshow of pictures taken from the 2010 IMSSS Symposium in Salamanca.

You will find some 'people shots' I took at the 2010 IMSSS Symposium, expertly and kindly organized by Prof. Manuel Ambrosio Sánchez Sánchez and his Salamanca colleagues.  (If you want to see a larger version of a photograph, simply click on it).

I have not included photographs of the scenery or of monuments; people are the focal point of these images.

I apologize if some of these are not flattering images, and also (especially) if you attended and do not find a photo of yourself. This is because I did not post images that were either out of focus or were very clearly unflattering (e.g., eyes closed, mouth full of food).

Manuel: ¡muchas gracias!, and many thanks also to Alberto Ferreiro, whose kind patience, over many years, made the entire possibility of meeting in Spain a reality.

-- George Ferzoco

P.S. Thanks to Valentina Berardini for the final photograph.

P.P.S. If you wish a digital copy of one of these photographs in higher resolution (typically around 3MB), please tell me and I will do my best to provide you with this.